Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I shut down my website awhile back, and forgot that I'd break a bunch of links on this blog. The broken links are mostly my papercraft model PDFs. I'll try and remedy that with this post. These are 4 different models  - all Halloween themed for October.




black cat

Friday, May 16, 2014

Help kickstart the reboot of Amplitude - an awesome game that I had the pleasure of working on the first time around. If you need more proof of how good the game is check out the Metacritic rating.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thief 2: Gold

The Thief franchise is getting a rebooted, and the game will be for sale worldwide soon.  I was lucky enough to have worked on the original series as an artist. I started on the series by working on the expansion pack - Thief: Gold. I then moved on to the sequel Thief 2. I had a lot of fun working on those titles, and playing around in that world.  I believe we were in the preproduction phase of Thief 2: Gold when Looking Glass closed its doors for good. With the reboot of Thief I found myself going down memory lane, and digging through old disk. I thought I'd post a few images and videos of two enemy A.I. characters that were intended to roam the halls of the ill fated Thief 2: Gold.

The images are concepts for an undead skeleton warrior and what we were calling a ghoul. There's also a render and wire frame for both. These were the first character models I got to build from scratch. I normally was only allowed to slightly modified, or do texture swaps on existing models, so I was pretty psyched to be able to make a full character.

What cracks me up is how few concepts we did back in the day. It was pretty much one and done. I do think I made orthos to model off of, but I'd have to dig for that??? 

Well I hope fans of the Thief series enjoy this little bit of unpublished Thief history.

Most Thief models were 300 tris. By Thief 2 Gold we were push what was then a mind blowing 800 to 900 tris.

The videos are of animation test I did for the two characters I textured and modeled. I remember I was learning about creating bones in Max and skinning the meshes to the bones (circa 2000). The unwrapping is a little embracing to look at now. unwrapping UVs back then was a time consuming nightmare. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Crayola doodles.

Drawing with the kids. I was trying to sketch in the "how to draw the marvel way" style. They ended up with the names Ralph and monkey.

Monday, December 23, 2013

I've been playing around a lot with stop motion animation as of late. With iPhones and iPads it makes it quite accessible and easier to pull off. In school pre-digital this would have been a costly nightmare, buying and developing film - not knowing what you shot? I can now just randomly "film" some animation, see if it works, and edit it on my phone or iPad.

I uploaded a 2 min. video to youtube of my little animation experiments based on Kinder Eggs. I was buying my kids these little chocolate eggs with a toy surprise hidden inside. The amazingly awesome little toys you get begged me to animate them. I started filming a few sequence, and just kept improvising till I eventually needed to end the mini Kinder Surprise episode.