Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thief 2: Gold

The Thief franchise is getting a rebooted, and the game will be for sale worldwide soon.  I was lucky enough to have worked on the original series as an artist. I started on the series by working on the expansion pack - Thief: Gold. I then moved on to the sequel Thief 2. I had a lot of fun working on those titles, and playing around in that world.  I believe we were in the preproduction phase of Thief 2: Gold when Looking Glass closed its doors for good. With the reboot of Thief I found myself going down memory lane, and digging through old disk. I thought I'd post a few images and videos of two enemy A.I. characters that were intended to roam the halls of the ill fated Thief 2: Gold.

The images are concepts for an undead skeleton warrior and what we were calling a ghoul. There's also a render and wire frame for both. These were the first character models I got to build from scratch. I normally was only allowed to slightly modified, or do texture swaps on existing models, so I was pretty psyched to be able to make a full character.

What cracks me up is how few concepts we did back in the day. It was pretty much one and done. I do think I made orthos to model off of, but I'd have to dig for that??? 

Well I hope fans of the Thief series enjoy this little bit of unpublished Thief history.

Most Thief models were 300 tris. By Thief 2 Gold we were push what was then a mind blowing 800 to 900 tris.

The videos are of animation test I did for the two characters I textured and modeled. I remember I was learning about creating bones in Max and skinning the meshes to the bones (circa 2000). The unwrapping is a little embracing to look at now. unwrapping UVs back then was a time consuming nightmare. 

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ehcmier said...

Thank you for this! I always wanted to know more about where LGS was going had those doors not been slammed shut. Much appreciated.